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Piotr Wenclewski


1964, Warszawa

Born in 1964 in Warsaw. A graduate of Warsaw University of Technology and European Academy of Photography (2004). Wenclewski defended his diploma work in the atelier of Doctor Izabela Jaroszewska in Creative and Expressive Photography Studio. From 2009 to 2012 he gave classes and workshops at the European Academy of Photography as a part of his original Contemplative Photography Workshop. The artist presented his works at several solo exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Wenclewski's photographies were also shown during the Warsaw Festival of Art Photography, the National Festival of Pinhole Camera Photography and the International Festival of Photography in Łódź. He takes mostly photographs, but also paints, draws, writes poems and studies Japanese calligraphy. Beyond traditional analog camera, he often uses pinhole cameras designed by himself.

“Contemplative photography is a method that enables direct contact with the reality as it is. Without changing a thing. It is a method of training which helps to clear my head of a multitude of thoughts. My mind becomes more sensitive to every slightest change that appears around me. Careful observation leads me to create an image which reflects my state at that very moment. It takes a fraction of a second but stays in my mind as an echo. Every time it is beautiful experience which enables me to understand the world better.”

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