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Henryk Laskowski



Henryk Laskowski studied at PWSSP in Poznań (now UAP). He defended his diploma with honors in the lithography studio of prof. Lucjan Mianowski in 1977 with the annex in illustration and poster studio of prof. Waldemar Świerzy. He is interested in painting, drawing and photography. The artist chose his own path of creative development. His art does not fit in with any of the trends in modern art promoted by critics, but the author admits to be related to pop-art, photorealism, surrealism and metaphorical realism. He deals with the broadly understood urban theme, however, not avoiding the landscape, nature or human figure. He has presented his works at nearly 30 collective and individual exhibitions, incl. Paris, Barcelona, Triest, Tokyo, Stuttgart, His artworks also have a permanent place in the collections of the Polish Army Museum, the Museum of the History of the Polish People's Movement, the Sports Museum, and in private collections in Poland and abroad. 
Prizes and awards:

1980 - Paris. Distinction in the International Competition for Graphics for the UNESCO Calendar.

1980 - Moscow. Honorable Mention in the International Olympic Poster Competition.

1990 - Warsaw. 3rd prize for drawing in the National Olympic Competition.

1994 - Warsaw. 2nd prize for a painting in the National Art Competition on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.

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