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Katarzyna Środowska



Katarzyna Środowska - Polish painter, born in Warsaw in 1971. A graduate of postgraduate studies at the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź in the field of Painting and Drawing and the Warsaw University of Technology. Member of the Masovian Association of Fine Arts Artists. Winner of the 2nd place in the First Artistic Creation Review "Paleta". She deals with oil and acrylic painting on canvas. Her paintings are full of space, horizons, simplicity and harmony, presented in a minimalist way. She creates paintings based on abstract assumptions, introducing figurative or geometric elements into them. The main inspiration for her works is the surrounding reality. Minimalism and pure form are the essence of art for her, and the search process visible in her painting fits perfectly into the "the less is more" directive. She actively participates in group and individual exhibitions, collaborates with Polish and foreign art galleries. Many of her works are in private collections in Poland and abroad.

Selected exhibitions:

2021 - ART OW Art Gallery. ZPAP, Warsaw
2021 - "Expression and minimalism", ZPAP Warsaw
2020 - "Art in the Time of Plague. Preludium ", Jabłonna.
2019 - 21st Winter Showroom, BWA Skierniewice.
2019 - "Power of Art Blue", Koneser, Warsaw.
2018 - "The Art of Contrast", Galeria Sztuki Ratusz, Legionowo
2017 - Metamorfozy Gallery, Warsaw
2017 - Art Gallery on Prosta, Jabłonna-Legionowo

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