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Ewa Czuchaj



Ewa Czuchaj graduated with rector's distinction from the Warsaw painting studio of prof. Marian Czapla and additionally in the field of artistic fabric of prof. Stanisław Andrzejewski. Earlier, she obtained a master's degree in Archeology of the Americas at the Faculty of Archeology at the University of Warsaw. She worked at the Andean Archaeological Mission in Peru. Ewa Czuchaj also studied at the Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art for two years, specializing in the conservation of antique fabrics.
Ewa Czuchaj likes to listen, watch, squat and stare. She is fascinated with photography, she organizes exhibitions and tracks valuable photographic collections. Fascinated by the unrestrained improvisation of traces according to the idea of ​​Arno Stern, she spills color in an unrestrained way. Drawing inspiration from color, she focuses on the gesture and texture of the canvases.
Hugged to the Front Art Association since its foundation, previously since 2005 associated with activities in Prague at PZO, currently loosely cooperates with the artistic Tenement House at Tarczyńska TA3.
She participated in over a dozen collective and several individual exhibitions in Poland.
Currently, she works at the Center of Contemporary Art - Ujazdowski Castle arduously creating the Mediatek.

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