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Joanna Głażewska


1973, Ruda Śląska

Graduated of the Faculty of Painting and Drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts at Władysław Strzemiński in Łódź, Poland. She was raised in Upper Silesia, and currently lives and works in the capital city of Warsaw. From childhood, Joanna was captivated by light and the use of bold colors as a contrast to the world around her. From a desire to escape the Polish People's Republic everyday life, and a longing for the absence of color, she developed an imagination that gives birth to images saturated with an exotic clash of colors. Her work can be described as an internal projection of millions of ephemeral compositions, poured onto the canvas in a continuous process of compulsive creation. Joanna has had work commissioned by companies, institutions and private collections, with buyers from Poland, Switzerland, Germany and the USA. Her paintings regularly appear in the decoration of original native interiors, as well as international film, television and advertising productions.

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