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KODAR (Dariusz Kowalski KODAR)


1960, Kielce

Dariusz Kowalski- Kodar
Artist, sculptor, cultural animator, exhibition curator, designer, participant of international symposia. He studied in Poznań and Warsaw at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts.
His achievements include dozens of individual and hundreds of collective exhibitions. He is an extremely creative artist. He creates monuments, monumental sculptures, commemorative plaques, interiors of chapels and churches. The most important are:
1999 - monument "From the spirit of Freedom", Menden, Germany
2001 - monument to "Murdered and Buried in nameless graves", Bródno Cemetery
2001 - Monument to the Murdered in Prague Prisons, Warsaw
2006 - Ronald Reagan sculpture, Doylewstone, USA
2007- sculpture by Agnieszka Osiecka, Warsaw
2007- Monument to the Invalids of War 1918-1920, Kolonia Inwalidzka
2008 - sculpture "Idol", Syria
2009- sculpture "Gate of Dialogue" - Syria
2010 - sculpture "Pani S" Pola Mokotowskie, Warsaw
2012 - Europolgaz sculpture, Warsaw
2013- Monument to the Battle of Myszyniec
2014 - monument in Magnuszew
2015 - "Angel" sculpture at the Brudzieński Cemetery, Warsaw
2017- Figure of Christ with an extended cross in the presbytery of the church,Laski
2017- Christ figure for the church presbytery, Cyców
2018 - sculpture "The Duel of Wołodyjowski with Bohun" by Babice,
- Heinrich Shult's epitaph, Menden
- a monument commemorating the 100th anniversary of regaining independence, Dorohusk
2019- figures of angels under the altar mensa, Gdańsk
2020 –mandorla with Mary, Kunów

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