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Zuzanna Skrętek


1995, Starachowice

Zuzanna Skrętek was born on 2 November 1995 in Starachowice. Visual artist, graphic designer, photographer, painter. Master of Arts. She completed her diploma with honors and the highest average at the Faculty of Graphics of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She developed her specialization in the Book Design and Digital Publication Studio of prof. Maciej Buszewicz and the Lithography Studio of prof. Błażej Ostoja-Lniski. She has received scientific scholarships many time. She paints, photographs, designs clothes, creates illustrations and graphic designs. Zuzanna Skrętek looks for answers, shapes and colors in the surrounding reality, turning her surroundings into an endless base of inspiration. She has developed her own key, which she uses to create:
See - Think - Analyze - Extract - Decompose - Process - Simplify - See

In her work, the artist focuses on studying the relationship between form, content and color. She changes problems and reflections into figures and signs understandable to her, creating an abstract image for the viewer, which is the result of a constant fear of emotional exhibitionism. On the other hand, giving titles is a desire to face it. The constant struggle with weaknesses results in strength in the long process of removing the mask in front of the world.

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