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Jakub Górski


1989, Przemyśl

Jakub Górski was born in 1989 in Przemyśl. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Rzeszów, he obtained his Master's degree in art in the sculpture studio under the supervision of J. Kierski in 2013. In his work, he deals with figurative forms. The simplicity and severity of the created figures emphasize the nature of the material in which he works. A modest piece of raw stone, it hides many mysterious possibilities of its preparation. Each of the sculptures is an emotional reflection and at the same time a technical challenge for the artist. Synthetic, silent lumps of cold stone come to life to the rhythm of the chisel. The sharpness of the textures blends in here with the mirror of shiny polish. The value intensifies and disappears, the distinctive edge is broken by transformation into a plane. The light harmonizes with a blunt shadow, drawing a transparent face of the arranged, unique composition. The construction of sculptural expression is the result of an analysis of stone structure. The passing of time recorded in ancient matter is its further evolution. The artist's original works are in many private collections, he is also the author of several busts and monumental works. He took part in numerous group exhibitions.

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