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Tatiana Kandracienka


1980, Kastiukovka

1980 - born in Kastiukovka, Belarus2004 - graduated from Belarusian State Akademy of Arts, Minsk2004-2007 - Postgraduate Studies at Art Theory and Art History,Belarussian State Academy of Art Phd in History of Art2005-2020 - Assistant professor at Drawing Department,
Belarussian State Academy of ArtSince 2012 - independent curatorLives and works in MinskSolo Exibitions2021 Spinario. Boy with Thorn, Lilia Zakirova Gallery , Heusden, Netherlands2018 Human Resourse, A and V Gallery, Minsk, Belarus2015 Swimming lesson for girls, Mastactva Gallery, Minsk, Belarus2009 Identification, Museum of Modern Fine Arts, Minsk, Belarus2009 The Time Games, Werstattgalerie Gallery, Berlin, GermanySelected group Exhibitions2021 Please do not confuse, Navicula artis, Saint Petersburg, Russia2021 Osemetna Zalezitost, Galeria mesta Levoca, Slovakia2020 Non-place, Galereya Art Belarus, Minsk2020 VLADEY Жыве Буларусь! Moskow, Russia2020 Faceless, KX Space, Brest, Belarus2017 Manand Man, National Center of Modern Art, Minsk, Belarus2017 Start Art Fair 2017, Saatchi Gallery, London, Great Britain2012 The Palace Complex, Gomel Palace, Belarus

2012 EXIT-I, dedicated to German expressionistic movie, with the assistance of Goethe Institute in Minsk Municipal Museum, Zaslavl,
Belarus2011 Cento-De/fragmentation, the National Art Gallery, Minsk, Belarus2007 Pienkow Art Workshop, 8th International Plain-Air Painting Contest, Museum of the Academy of Arts, Poznan, Poland
2003 FormAzione Concretta, International Exhibition of ExperimentalCeramics, Deruta City Museum, Italy2002 Zdarzenia, The International Festival of Theatre and Visual Arts, Tczew, Poland2006 Post-tradition,The National Art Gallery, Minsk, Belarus2000 New Names,The National Art Gallery, Minsk, Belarus

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