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Privacy Policy

101 Projekt Contemporary Art Gallery and auction house 

Privacy policy

The Gallery collects only essential data, in order to adequately provide the Service. Customer personal data may be passed on to a third party only to the extent necessary to delivery of Objects and other essential requirements, especially to delivery companies. Software and database are protected by law and secured against unauthorized access.

The personal data controller is 101 Projekt Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej i Dom Aukcyjny Sp. z o.o. registered Warsaw (00-679) ul. Wilcza 55/63 lok. 6, NIP 7010591302, Regon 364817727, which conducts processing of personal data according to the Act dated 29 August 1997 about Personal Data Protection and Act on Electronic Services (Polish Journal of Laws 2002, no 144, item 1204).

The personal data controller shall ensure that the rights of all Users under the Act on Personal Data Protection, especially the Customer, has the right to review their personal data, correct it or request discontinuation of its processing, by contacting the Gallery by email.

Demand for the removal of the Account is synonymous with de-registration. With the removal of an account, the Customers personal data will be removed permanently. The personal data controller reserves the right to the transfer of personal data in order to take legal action and data neccessery to the settlement of purchase.


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Cookies contain Internet address, session time and unique identicator. Cookies are used in order to:

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The type of cookies used on this website:

  • a) stricly necessery cookies,
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The software used for websites browsing allows the placement of "cookies" by default on Users device. Users can change this setting at any time. Detailed information about cookies options are available in browse setting options.

Not changing the options setting, means that cookies will be placed in Users device. Disabling cookies does not cause failure of the use of Service, but may cause some dificulties in this area. More about cookies you can learn here.