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Krzysztof Pająk | INVENTORY

current exhibition

INVENTORY / Krzysztof Pająk

Artist: Krzysztof Pająk

Place: Galeria 101 Projekt

Date: 08.10 - 15.10.2020

Krzysztof Pajak's painting percolates the consciousness and subconsciousness with many signs from the very first sight. They are magical and exotic in nature, with the roots of folk origin in the continents of Africa, America and Oceania. The systematic divisions prompts us to solve the mystery of the author, even partially guessing the content of the message, his painting is based on signs from distant eras, the beginnings of human artistic activities, and the form of divisions into fields distinguishing individual characters refers to pop-art and comics.

Joanna Owidzka, Artystka, EXIT 5-2002r

Krzysztof Pająk was born in 1956 in Warsaw. The artist is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw - he studied at the graphic design studio of prof. Roman Duszek (diploma with honors 1984) and at the painting studios of prof. Jan Dziedziora and prof. Jacek Sempoliński. The artist co-created a visual communication project for the CZMP hospital in Łódź. Krzysztof Pająk is a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and Art (1985), winner of the Talens Award (2005), one of the three main prizes of the 1st Warsaw Art Photography Festival (2005), author of over 45 individual exhibitions, incl. in Elbląg, Warsaw, Cologne, Munchengladbach and participant in over 350 collective exhibitions, including: MUBA '87, Basel (1987); Arsenał 88, Warsaw (1988) "Image and Movement" - Museum of Cinematography, Łódź (1991); Fundation Laigle Roermond - Netherlands (1992); Together in Life and Art - Polish Institute, Paris (1999); "The Millennium Breakthrough Syndrome" - DAP Gallery, Warsaw (2000); "Walking Art Tour" - Hotel Victoria, Warsaw (2005); Beijing International Art Biennale - China (2005); Sacrum Art Triennale 2006 - MGS, Częstochowa (2006); Kunstmassan '07 Art Fair - Stockholm, Sweden (2007); Art Exhibition, "Now Poland", European Parliament, Brussels, "Poland today between Tradition and Modernity, Road to the Union ..." (photo exhibition) - European Parliament, Strasbourg (2011 1 Exhibition of black light painting Genoa (2015) The artist has also participated in over 70 charity auctions, including the Big Heart Association, Sue Ryder Foundation, Nobody's Children Foundation, and the Garden of Hope Foundation. private in Poland and abroad (USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Japan). Krzysztof Pająk works in painting, design and photography, lives in Warsaw.