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EVERYDAY | Exhibition of painting by Katarzyna Środowska and scu

current exhibition


Artists: Katarzyna Środowska i Leszek Michalski

Place: Galeria 101 Projekt

Date: 24.06-08-07.2021

Curator of exhibition: Paulina Świerczyńska-Brzezińska


The painting of Katarzyna Środowska is full of calmness. In the consistently constructed creation of space, there is order and arrangement of geometric divisions and subdued colors. The landscape, characteristic for the artist's paintings, does not have unnecessary elements. They are usually flat-painted patches of calm sky and water. Looking at these spaces, you can almost feel the warmth of a holiday. The long line of the horizon stretches across the planes of the works, giving a sense of a certain continuation. Where one picture ends, another begins. Katarzyna Środowska's works form an extremely coherent unite, mutual complementary synthetic systems. The planes interpenetrate, creating a field of a minimalist, simplified background for the actions of the characters. The spectator can get the impression that characters live in this huge, undefined space and only sometimes cross the boundaries of the canvas, allowing the Artist to see and capture themselves. Katarzyna Środowska perfectly uses the language of figuration, transformed for the needs of her original style. The purity of form is a key element in the painterly style of Katarzyna Środowska. This can be seen especially in the case of architectural works that border on abstraction. In these artworks we can observe an ever stronger departure from realism towards deep synthesis. Architecture in the artist's paintings is a compilation of geometric divisions dictated by the arrangement of simple solids, which sometimes seem to penetrate into more traditional paintings. The combination of these two paths of artistic development, on which the artist focuses mainly, allows us to see a very interesting voice of contemporary painting, which is not afraid to go beyond the boundaries of defined trends and combine elements seemingly reserved for two different painting trends.

The main subject of Leszek Michalski's artistic interests is human and what surrounds him. For years, the artist has remained faithful to small sculptural forms created with the lost wax method. This technique, thanks to which only unique objects are created, is particularly important in the context of the series created by the artist, such as those presented at the exhibition "The Herd" or "Biutles". Although the heroes of Leszek Michalski's sculptures have a lot in common visually, each of them is different. Each has individual characteristics and its own "imperfections".The artist plays with the proportions of human and animal figures in a characteristic way. They are figures with seemingly familiar shapes, but somehow alien. It is influenced by the deliberate deformation of heads and limbs, a simplified or distorted form, which, however, does not arouse negative feelings in the recipient. On the contrary - as the artist himself describes his sculptures, they are "not very pretty, but nice individuals". Thus, the Creator looks beyond the superficial beauty, emphasizing what is invisible at first glance. Leszek Michalski is experimenting with new forms, following a certain canon in which the ability to look at a figure with a grain of salt plays an important role.He presents the characters with irony, focusing on details - attributes suggesting the right meaning to the recipients. The most important thing is not what is outside, but the whole range of internal feelings and sensations, as well as what shapes them, i.e. interpersonal relationships.

Paulina Świerczyńska-Brzezińska



Katarzyna Środowska - Polish painter, born in Warsaw in 1971. A graduate of postgraduate studies at the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź in the field of Painting and Drawing and the Warsaw University of Technology. Member of the Masovian Association of Fine Arts Artists. Winner of the 2nd place in the First Artistic Creation Review "Paleta". She deals with oil and acrylic painting on canvas. Her paintings are full of space, horizons, simplicity and harmony, presented in a minimalist way. She creates paintings based on abstract assumptions, introducing figurative or geometric elements into them. The main inspiration for her works is the surrounding reality. Minimalism and pure form are the essence of art for her, and the search process visible in her painting fits perfectly into the "the less is more" directive. She actively participates in group and individual exhibitions, collaborates with Polish and foreign art galleries. Many of her works are in private collections in Poland and abroad.


Leszek Michalski began his art education at the age of fifteen at the Society of Friends of Zachęta. In 1979 he began studies at the College of Industrial Design in Halle (Germany) at the Department of Toy Design. Since 1998, he has mainly dealt with sculpture in metal. He works in brass and bronze, creating collections of chamber sculptures. He shows his works in unusual places - clubs, basements, industrial spaces, open air. It is his way to build a certain relationship between his sculptures, the surrounding reality, and his audience. In 2002 he was awarded the diploma "Creator of Polish Culture". He has participated in several individual exhibitions, and over 20 collective exhibitions throughout Europe, including in Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Austria.