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PLAYING GREEN III | Exhibition of painting by Teresa Panasiuk

current exhibition


Artist: Teresa Panasiuk

Place: Galeria 101 Projekt

Date: 19.08-2.09.2021

Curator: Paulina Świerczyńska-Brzezińska


In 2019, when I visited the exhibition of Teresa Panasiuk's paintings "Playing green and others ..." at the ZPAP in Warsaw, I did not think that I would see an exhibition that would stay so strongly in my memory. Teresa Panasiuk has been playing green for many years, regularly returning to the subject of landscape. The evolution of her painting compositions shows how much the artist has to say about it. The third edition of "Green Games" includes gouaches from the 1960s, as well as later oil paintings, mainly made after 2000. This quantitatively small cross-section of creativity allows us to see a certain path leading from landscapes rather faithful to the assumptions of colorism to pure, sometimes even geometric abstraction. The painting of Teresa Panasiuk is primarily color and light. The artist does not limit herself to one color tone. She perfectly builds not only compositions based on contrasting juxtapositions, but also those extremely subtle, almost monochromatic, based on nuances of value. The artist's choice of formal means is seemingly small, but the sheer multitude of shades of one color allows us to see that this is not entirely correct statement. In Teresa Panasiuk's paintings, no stain is flat, and each element of the composition is the result of analysis and an outstanding ability to look at color. The artist consciously resigns from showing content other than that defined by the color. It is not without significance here that she graduated from the studio of an outstanding colorist, Artur Nacht-Samborski. The knowledge and skills developed over the years were the starting point for this original work. When looking at the subsequent works by Teresa Panasiuk, it is not the horizon line, the plane of the sky, water or land that can be noticed. The sense is not only external visual sensations related to what surrounds us. Their source is deeper. Landscape is not a literal hero, but rather a series of emotions that accompany her observation. Thanks to her exceptional sensitivity, with the help of well-chosen painterly means, the artist manages to capture what may remain invisible to many.


Paulina Świerczyńska-Brzezińska



(born 1938, Warsaw) - in the years 1958-1964 she studied at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Gdańsk under the supervision of Krystyna Łada-Studnicka, then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the studio of Artur Nacht-Samborski. Immediately after graduation, she began teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw as an assistant to Jan Wodański at the Faculty of Painting (until 1968). She practices painting - oil, gouache, pastel. In the years 1972 - 1980 she worked as the manager of the Contemporary Art Gallery at the Staromiejski House of Culture. This activity was a continuation of Marian Bogusz's Crooked Circle gallery. In the years 1981–1989 she participated in exhibitions of independent art. She had 29 individual exhibitions and took part in many group exhibitions.