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Birds /Exhibition of artworks by Zbigniew Waszczeniuk

archive exhibition

birds / exhibition of artworks by Zbigniew Waszczeniuk

Artist: Zbigniew Waszczeniuk

Veneu: Galeria 101 Projekt, Nowy Świat 53

Dates: 04.10.-25.10.2014

Zbigniew Wasczeniuk graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 1974 he received his diploma with honors in the Graphic Department under Professor Henryk Tomaszewski. His work has been exhibited in Basel, Paris and Stockholm among others, and can also be found in private collections in the USA, Canada, Spain or France.

Waszczeniuk is a versatile artist, working in drawing, painting, graphics and with spatial forms. The exhibition “Birds” presents one of the artistic paths he has followed consistently for over 20 years. The extensive cycle consists of dozens of works created with ink, tempera, acrylic, dry pastel, oil, and even PVC panels (with which the author creates three-dimensional compositions, interacting with chiaroscuro). They all show the inspiration of the artist - birds.

Although the birds seen through the eyes of Waszczeniuk seem to be swift and dynamic creatures, the artist stresses that the process of their formation is usually long, and preceded by much reflection. Sometimes they are presented in a very minimalistic way, their form defined by a flowing, graphic line. At other times, they are creatures depicted with extreme expressiveness, and their forms are limited only by the frame. According to the artist, the most interesting things about birds are their movement and the sense of transience that they evoke.

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