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Geometry of time. Krzysztof Ostrzeszewicz. Krzysztof Zając.

Archive exhibition

Krzysztof Ostrzeszewicz. Krzysztof Zając. / Geometry of time

Artist: Krzysztof Ostrzeszewicz, Krzysztof Zając

Venue: Galeria 101 Projekt, Piękna 62/64

Dates: 12.05.- 27.05.2017


Despite the modern form of Krzysztof Ostrzeszowicz's sculptures, it is evident that their author does not deny the historical heritage of Art, especially her - always purifying - return to the canon of classical beauty. The very choice of expression, through a single naked human figure, evokes associations with the antique. It reaffirms the structure and harmonious proportions of the human form whilst also highlighting elements of expressive deformation and synthetic simplification. The traditional approach to sculpture also involves the selection of the solid as the primary means of expression. In the young artist's interpretation, it is the body that packs into a physical space the weight of matter and the condensed, inwardly-directed energy. The deliberate severity of the figures emphasizes their compactness, as do their simple gestures, and their indistinct schematic facial features. The frequent angular cutting of solids - created by the spontaneous shaping of the material combined with careful composition - dynamize and accent the objects' expressive nature. Some of them are composed of rough grey concrete, while others are decorated in strong colours such as red ("Girl" and "Motherhood" ) or yellow ("Judith). Each sculpture is given a one-word title. Often these are the names of mythological and Biblical characters: "Venus", "Esther", "Judith", "Job", "Don Quixote", but others are more everyday: "Caring", "Bathing," "Pregnancy," „Washing," Muse "," Girl ". They are a complementary form of work and act as signposts for their own proper interpretation. Each figure is lonely, immobile, and focused on itself, a common feature of all sculptures by Krzysztof Ostrzeszewicz. And their undoubted value is that they act both as symbols of expressions of ideas and as works of art.

Stanisława Zacharko-Łagowska