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Magdalena Laskowska


Magdalena Laskowska/Zawsze jest teraz

Artysta: Magdalena Laskowska

Miejsce: Galeria 101 Projekt, Piękna 62/64

Daty: 01.12.- 13.12.2017


There is a mystery in Laskowska's painting. There is something that intrigues us and makes us wonder. Its urban landscapes look like photographic frames, moving the viewer into a world of extraordinary everyday life. This exhibition is designed as a journey through the natural rhythm of the seasons. The works on show lead us through individual cycles of nature. Nature plays a role here. And yes, winter is a time of release, silence, but also fun. Fun in which both children and adults participate. Small figures climbing uphill or downhill are confronted with large areas of white snow. Everything occurs around the mountain - a formal and ideological centre. Spring and summer are periods of prosperity. Vegetation brings respite. People on the canvas hide in parks and gardens looking for contact with nature. But summer is also a time to rest on the water. Children's bathing, the mood of idyll and joy arouses some indeterminate feeling of nostalgia and longing. Nature is the leading theme in Magdalena Laskowska's work. It determines the atmosphere of the work. She devotes it the most attention. It is the centre, superior to the human figure, which becomes merely an element of the greater whole, the universe. The artist documents familiar everyday places. Parks, streets, squares. Often it is her immediate surroundings, the famous Kopa Cwila in Warsaw Ursynów or the Park in the Royal Baths. Spaces that are places of rest and relaxation people for people today. The presence of nature in the world of the urban metropolis frees in people some primordial, spontaneity, freedom, a desire for authenticity, but also the need for beauty. It is in the relationship with nature that the artist sees the source of human development, its creativity and aesthetic sensitivity. Laskowska's painting is a record of an epoch, an image of the modern world. There is also a critical look at it. Many times the subjects of the images are holding a phone or smartphone, which automatically takes them from the park, from the surrounding nature, to a completely different reality. Apparently, they do not seem to see what is around them. Laskowska's interests bring to mind the famous nineteenth-century idea of the garden city, but also contemporary eco-trends, postulating life in harmony with nature and returning to its source. The artist shows the city from a different perspective. A city friendly to nature and man. She takes the position in such important discussions today on the shape of urban space. Laskowska paints in a synthetic and orderly way, often simplifying forms, geometry. She carefully delineates the perspective that draws the viewer. Light and colour play an important role. They are treated in a subjective way, to a great extent, and give the artist a unique, dreamy expression.

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