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Circle of Inspiration: A Tribute to Fangor | Anthony Byshevsky


Circle of Inspiration: A Tribute to Fangor | Antoni Byszewski

Artysta: Antoni Byszewski

Miejsce: Galeria 101 Projekt, Piękna 62/64

Daty: 13.07.- 26.07.2018


'My grandfather was the first creative, artistic hero in my life from a very early age. […] I started painting at the age of 33, just for fun and out of curiosity. I have been a musician all my life and embraced a new medium of expression at a very difficult time in my life. I remember my mom sharing pictures of my paintings with my grandparents. They were very supportive and interested, and my grandfather even wrote me a five page letter, the first in my life from him, all about how to approach my work. […] This tribute series of paintings was inspired by him, as a person, as an artist, and as family. Simply a personal thank you to his spirit and life. A very creative and robust THANK YOU.' Anthony Byshevsky

Antoni Byszewski



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