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Agata Krutul | RUST

Current exhibition

Agata Krutul | RUST

Artysta: Agata Krutul

Miejsce: Galeria 101 Projekt, Piękna 62/64

Daty: 29.11.- 08.12.2018


The name of this exhibition is inspired by the Norwegian word RUST. I strongly associate my creative works with erosion processes, the rotting and mouldering of objects affected by the wind, water and salt. The second aspect that inspires me is the severity of the Scandinavian landscape. The smell of wind and sea, infinity, lack of restrictions - these aspects give me peace. That's what I want to convey through my works. I am fascinated by the strength and expression of natural phenomena. I represent erosion in my works, creating without preliminary sketches or planning of the compositions. It is dictated by the structure and color of the ground. That decides about the character of the image and evokes emotions in me that I pass onto the canvas in harmony with the will of nature.

Agata Krutul