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INNER SPACE/ Anita Andrzejewska Joanna Chudy Kasia Kalua Kryńska


INNER SPACE / aNITA andrzejewska, Joanna chudy, kasia kalua kryńska

Artists: Anita Andrzejewska, Joanna Chudy, Kasia Kalua Kryńska

Venue: Galeria 101 Projekt, Nowy Świat 53

Date: 29.05.- 12.06.2015

„Inner Space“ is a presentation of works by selected Polish female photographers from the so-called 70s generation (born in 70s), who in an individual way determine and visualize the meaning of the title. The series of photographs full of poetry, magic, subtle allusions and surrealistic visions can also be treated as a collection of specific inner portraits which illustrate the balancing between reality and dreams, material and spiritual world, actual and imagined reality.

Some of the photos display the condition of enslavement by one’s own, cultural or social constrains; others – on the contrary – the liberation from boundaries, the existence out of control or the state close to madness and alienation. They are also trails of kathartic journeys – the distant ones and the inner ones.

The photographs are all black-and-white, but individualized by applying special techniques long time opened focal-plane shutter, multiple exposure, or the 19th century technique – collodion wet plate process. All of artists worked with classical analogique photography, some of them used old cameras such as Hasselblad additionaly to underline the magic and alchemic atmosphere.  

Magdalena Durda-Dmitruk


Anita Andrzejewska 

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Graphic Art and Design in Cracow (1994). She is a photographer, traveler and illustrator of books for children. For years she has been engaged in art-social projects connecting Europe and Asia. Among others, she conduced art workshops for children in Ahmedabad (India), she visited Iran a few times, where she collaborated in literature & photography projects in Teheran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd. She was a teacher at the photography course for children and teenagers at the Academy of Photography, Krakow (2008). Since 2006 - teacher at the photography course, Institute of Technology, Krakow; since 2004 - leader of photography and illustration workshops for children in galleries and cultural institutions all over Poland; since 1997 - member of The Association of Polish Art Photographers; 1994 - diploma project with distinction in printmaking and photography; 1989-94 - M.A. studies at the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Graphic Art and Design. She produces small photos in black-and-white, preferring analogue photography. She finds her inspirations in ordinary, surrounding reality (in Poland and during her travels abroad e.g. to India or Iran) and creates timeless, subtle and intimate compositions – interiors and spaces with trails of human beings.


Silesian Ulysses

„Silesian Ulysses“ is a photographic record of roaming the streets of contemporary Upper Silesia, mainly the slowly disappearing miners’ housing estates. As the author of the photos thinks, Silesia – with its wealth, variety and contrasts – holds images similar to those seen by James Joyce's hero wandering around Dublin. The way in which Ulysses was written has provided her with structure and inspiration to photograph Silesia. Her aim was to reduce the photographic images to ordinary everyday life, which goes on from morning till night and constitutes human existence in miniature. She moves away from the conventional depictions of Silesia and goes beyond the boundaries of documentary photography. She tells her Silesian story using simple, everyday images contrasting with the impressionist form of photography.

Joanna Chudy

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (2002), the Photography Department at the National Film School in Lodz (2009) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where in 2013 Joanna received a doctor’s degree. Joanna is an author of 20 individual photographical exhibitions. Participant of 30 group exhibitions, both national and international, including exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Warsaw and Sofia. She deals with a creative photography, represents black and white classical photography. ZPAF member since 2014. The finalist of ShowOff contest organized as a part of Cracow Photomonth in 2010, the winner of the Grand Prix at the 6th Warsaw Festival of Art Photography in 2010. The scholar of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2010 and of the Marshall of the Silesia Voivodship in 2011.


 Beetween Two Moons

The series of portraits „Between Two Moons“ created in wet plate collodion process. This technique turns the photographer into alchemist and a poet who transforms contemporary photo into image placed beyond the time. Long time exposure allows to bold unseen normally features of the faces of portrayed people. In a result it is created an image where the eyes of portrayed person open the gate to new magical world. The portraits create a unique impression that captures the soul of the photographed persons.

Kasia Kalua Krynska works in wet plate collodion process which is one of the oldest photo techniques. It was introduce in the 1850s and by the end of decade it had almost entirely replaced the first practical photographic process, the daguerrotype. The end results of collodion process are quite unpredictable allowing for an element of surprise , which stands in opposition to the digital photography process. The collodion technique is characterized by a complicated chemical development and long exposure time.

Kasia Kalua Kryńska

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology (1999) and the European Academy of Photography (2005). Student of PhD studies on photography at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Architect, designer and photographer. The owner of architectural atelier Archika since 2001. Her photographs have been shown in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Poland, Ireland, Portugal, Holland and Germany. She participated in an interdisciplinary project The Promised City with her photo-documentary series Crossing. She received an award in the international 5th Annual Black&White Spider Awards in Still Life category (2010). Her works from Between Two Moons created in wet plate collodion process was exhibited in The Art Of Photography Show in San Diego, California, FotoArtFestival, Poland (2011), PhotoIreland Festival (2012), Photokina (2012), Taylorfest, Ireland (2013). The winner of Wet Plate Competition Canada (2012). Her photographs have been featured in many publications, including SHOTS Magazine, SOURA Magazine, BLOW Photo Magazine, PRISM Photo Magazine, SEITIES and others. Enthusiast of analogue photography, works with medium and large format cameras.