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Incidental /Exhibition of paintings by Magdalena Kazimierska

archive exhibition

incidental / exhibition of paintings by magdalena kazimierska

Artists: Magdalena Kazimierska

Venue: Galeria 101 Projekt, Nowy Świat 53

Dates: 30.08.-13.09.2014

Magdalena Kazimierska, is a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Art, where she received her diploma under Professor Jan Tarasin in the Faculty of Painting. Then she continued her studies at the Department of Production Design. She has exhibited her works in many galleries in Poland, including Zacheta Gallery (Warsaw), Open Atelier (Cracow), and Senatorska Gallery (Warsaw). Her work has also been shown abroad, as part of group exhibitions The Place in Glasgow in 2007 and Inspiring Humanity in Edinburgh in 2007.

Until recently in the artist's oeuvre focused exclusively on representations of flowers embedded in some simple graphic space, inspired by the paintings of Kazimir Malevich. Two years ago Kazimierska started to work on a second series of paintings – „Charismatic Men” – portraits depicting her colleagues from the world of art, science or business.

The Incidental exhibition presents the artist’s latest works, created between the search for beauty in flowers and the search for charisma in man who has lived a fulfilled life. In these studies of the male we can see themes of melancholy and loneliness emerging in the artist’s work.

Alongside the portraits, Kazimierska also worked on landscapes. By transferring the scenery from a photograph to large format painting, the artist has been forced to search for a new language of expression. By combining a created space with abstraction, Kazimierska draws us into a game of two dimensions with the illusion of three-dimensionality, and thereby creates a space for interpretation by our imagination.

Although the exhibition is called Incidental, the works on show are in no sense random creations. Portraits full of darkness and mystery are balanced by the open space and calm of landscapes. These two seemingly different expressions complement each other, creating a completely new quality. According to the artist, while she is painting she is looking for universal themes. Also, she seeks to express in her works harmony, hope and beauty.

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